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J.O.I.N. is a non-profit association which helps organisations and individuals to participate in the Jewish internet and learn about matters of importance and interest to the Australian Jewish community. Everyone is invited to subscribe to JOIN , participate in our email discussion forums Subscription is free but you can help us by becoming a member, volunteering and/or becoming a sponsor.
Jewish Search Engine – Your personal free guide to thousands of Jewish/Israel links.
This server links to most of the Jewish resources in French on the Internet. You will find here many French Jewish associations, addresses of Synagogues, restaurants, mikvaot. An English version of the server will soon be available.
Virtual Jerusalem Virtual Jerusalem was established on Jerusalem Day, May 17th, 1996, with a mission to open up the Internet to the Jewish world. To attain this goal, Virtual Jerusalem (VJ) has developed scores of interactive features, and channels which combine information with entertainment covering a full spectrum of Israeli and Jewish interests.
The UK Jewish Internet Service. British Jewish Network Brijnet are the pioneers of UK Jewish “internetting”. Brijnet is the longest established Jewish Internet provider in the UK. It operates with similar initiatives around the world providing an umbrella organisations for co-operation for local initiatives.
The Jewish Internet Consortium, is striving to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet. Our mission is to provide state of the art Internet tools to Jewish organizations and individuals who maintain Web sites and/or discussion forums for the benefit of the Jewish community.
The Jewish Community of Victoria numbers almost 50,000 people (over 18,000 households). It is the largest Jewish community in Australia and is concentrated in the state’s capital, Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city. Browsing through this site, you’ll find a brief demographic overview of the community, together with a comprehensive and categorised listing of Jewish organisations which, together, make the Jewish Community of Victoria the very active heart of Jewish life in Australia.
Jewish Museum of Australia The Jewish Museum of Australia is a national centre dedicated to the conservation and exhibition of Jewish heritage, arts, and culture in all their diversity. In particular, it illustrates the Australian Jewish experience, acting as a bridge toward greater understanding, tolerance and appreciation of the richness of Jewish life.
The Union, founded in 1898, is the voice of Jewish Orthodoxy in America. Their site has links to dozens of places for learning Torah and Halacha, as well as certain political campaigns related to Jewish interests. It has a comprehensive kashrut directory, as well as Shabbat time across America and the world.
A fantastic website with a broad reference base covering multiple aspects of Jewish life, history, travel, culture, literature, Israel, and with great graphics.