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About Us

Melbourne Hebrew Congregation (Hebrew: ק"ק שארית ישראל), affectionately referred to as ‘Toorak Shule’ or ‘MHC’, is the oldest Jewish congregation in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Formed in 1841, MHC was originally located on Burke Street in Melbourne CBD, before moving to its current location at 2/8 Toorak Road, South Yarra. 

For over 180 years, MHC has been a significant physical and spiritual hub for the Melbourne Jewish community and beyond. MHC hosts a myriad of events including regular religious services, life cycle events, special programs and more. 

Under the leadership of a devoted and vibrant Rabbi and Rebbetzin, along with a dynamic and youthful board, the MHC team is committed to maintaining a community centre that is relevant, inclusive, and welcoming to all. 

We welcome all Jews, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or level of observance. 

Our People

Early History

Rabbi Shlomo Nathanson and Family

Rabbi Shlomo Nathanson was born and raised in the US. He married his wife Rivki in 2008 and moved to Australia. From a very young age, Shlomo has been passionate about making a difference in the Jewish community, and was actively involved in various outreach activities.

In 2010 Shlomo and Rivki opened the Chabad Jewish Community Centre (CJCC) in Port Melbourne, an area that until then had no Jewish infrastructure. This community centre continues to thrive and provides a strong sense of community to its members. Upon encountering many local Jews experiencing social isolation and poverty, Shlomo was driven to find a solution and address this need. In 2012 Shlomo & Rivki started C Care. C Care began as a small grassroots organisation, distributing food once a month to 100 local Jews. It has since grown into a leading community organisation addressing social isolation and food insecurity. C Care now services over 2000 individuals each week, and has a strong, vibrant community of dedicated volunteers.

In 2015 Shlomo joined the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation as assistant Rabbi, and in 2020 became Senior Rabbi. In his role at MHC Shlomo is dedicated to connecting with members and providing a space for people to come and connect with their Judaism in a way that feels meaningful to them.

Underlying all Shlomo’s work in his various roles of Rabbi at MHC, CJCC and CEO of C Care – is a deep care for each individual that he encounters, and a passion and commitment to Jewish community.

Become a Member

Welcome to our synagogue community! We invite you to join our congregation and become a valued member. At our synagogue, we cherish the sense of belonging and connection that comes with being part of a supportive community. We offer various membership options tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of individuals and families. 

Join our synagogue community and discover your unique place within our vibrant and inclusive community. Whether your interests lie in spirituality, learning, social justice programs, or social activities, we invite you to become a valued member. 

Membership at our synagogue helps us provide a sacred space for Jews of all ages and backgrounds. By joining us, you enable us to offer ongoing Jewish festival services and create a welcoming environment for everyone. 

As a member, you gain access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities. Engage in our vibrant spiritual and social gatherings, actively participate in the rich traditions and values of our Jewish heritage, and benefit from our diverse programs and services. From educational initiatives to lifecycle support and meaningful holiday celebrations, our membership benefits foster personal and communal growth. 

Applying for membership is a seamless and convenient process. Our streamlined membership application form allows you to provide essential details and preferences, ensuring that our offerings cater to your specific needs. Accessing and completing the application online saves you time and effort. 

We understand the importance of hassle-free transactions, which is why we offer online payment options for membership fees, annual donations, and pledges to our philanthropic fund. This secure and efficient feature gives you peace of mind as you contribute to the ongoing success and growth of our congregation. 

Join us on a fulfilling journey of faith, community, and shared values. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you as a cherished member of our synagogue. If you have any questions or need further information, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Together, let us embark on a meaningful and enriching experience as part of our synagogue family. 

Together, let us embark on a meaningful and enriching experience as part of our synagogue family. 

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